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2018 Guest Book Messages...

September 6, 2018
Posted by Mickey French

Greg my old school mate and roommate, wonderful to have seen you at the 50th DHS, sadly not enough time to really sit down and talk. Enjoy your annual golf party despite my absence.

August 28, 2018
Posted by Susan Hirst

Sorry we will not be joining you this year because weíll be attending a wedding in Chicago! Hope itís another fun, memorable event!

July 2, 2018
Posted by Danny

Happy Birthday, Greg! You got a perfect weather day for your birthday.


March 4, 2018
Posted by Jonathon Mazotti

Hi Great Uncle Greg,
Thanks for letting me vote for the first time in your Oscar poll! It was fun!

March 4, 2018
Posted by Barb Lucius

One of the two best parties of the year, Greg and Lisa!!!

March 4, 2018
Posted by Christine Prevetti

So sorry to miss celebrating with the A Listers this year. xx

March 4, 2018
Posted by Jeanne Panka

Must say I didn’t see all the nominated films but what really impressed me were the visual effects in Blade Runner!!! This movie didn’t get alot of positive press and I wasn’t expecting a lot but Wow!.

March 4, 2018
Posted by Lisa

Thank you for having another great contest. xoxo

March 4, 2018
Posted by Cami

Dear Greg & Lisa,

Have fun tonight in all of your Oscar glory! Yay! Chat soon!

Cami :-)

March 4, 2018
Posted by Rose VanderVelden

Hi Greg and Lisa,
Have fun watching the Oscars!

March 3, 2018
Posted by Mark Lucius

Tough trivia question.

February 24, 2018
Posted by Suzan Ben-Poorat

Studio Film
Male Director
Tope Earner

February 17, 2018
Posted by Jackie Drost

RE: the Oscar trivia question, I didn’t have time to Google this one but my best guess is horror, comedy and fantasy/science fiction seldom win Best Picture. Not sure though which of these categories fits “Three Billboards”, unless there are other categories I’m not aware of.

February 16, 2018
Posted by Jeanne Endres

Mike didnít like the water movie!

February 16, 2018
Posted by Mickey

Not interested in the Oscars this year. Didn’t see any of the movies and probably won’t


February 12, 2018
Posted by Mark Escribano

Hi Greg and Lisa! Hope all is well in the tundra. It’s reasonably toasty (as always) her in ol’Hollywood.

February 9, 2018
Posted by Marcia Holtan

I’m giving it all I’ve got Greg!

February 7, 2018
Posted by Barbara Resheske

Thanks again for including me in this fun event that I look forward to each year.
Bought my organic popcorn, got my whirly popper primed, and I’m set for some exciting Oscar time!

February 4, 2018
Posted by Kathleen

Thanks for including me!😍

February 4, 2018
Posted by Jeffrey L Marcus

Thank you for the fun exercise.

February 4, 2018
Posted by mark metcalf

Not a very good year for films. The top choices of the Academy are few and flawed. The most interesting narrative all year was The Florida Project. If you haven’t I very much recommend it.