Question: Which hostess lived in an apartment next door to Greg’s apartment as a 17 year old?

Question: Which two hostesses took a field trip to Spain as high school classmates (and sneaked out at night to hang with the guys in the dance clubs)?

Question: Which person has been a hostess the longest and has hosted twice as many tournaments as any other hostess?

Question: Which hostesses serve as the director of picnic operations?

Question: Which hostess was co-captain of her high school cheerleading squad the year it won the national championship?

Question: Which hostess has driven a Harley Davidson motorcycle across the entire length of the country (from California to Florida)?

Question: Which two hostesses attended Greg and Lisa’s wedding eleven years ago?

Question: Name the hostess who shared an office wall with Greg for three wild and wacky years?

Question: Which hostess gave a concert in London as a cellist?

Question: Which hostess was president of her class as a junior in high school?

Question: Which hostess attended a rock concert with Greg and Lisa given by the band Garbage in which everyone had the pleasure of being frisked at the door after having passed through metal detectors?

Question: Which hostess used to race Greg home from work at dangerously high speeds on Interstate 43?

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